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Main » 2012 » August » 15 » The Top Emerging Market of 2011: It's NOT China
5:09 AM
The Top Emerging Market of 2011: It's NOT China
MONEY MORNING The Art of Emerging Markets Investing When you're choosing which emerging markets to invest in, it's important to keep this one precept in mind: With markets - even more so than with individual stocks - buying what's fashionable and overpriced (in other words, what's "hot") can be hazardous to your wealth. The reason for this is fairly obvious. Most investors who buy emerging-market stocks don't have a good handle on the political and economic risks of the country concerned. When the market in question starts to rise, they get excited - or even worried that they might be getting left behind - and jump in. That's why these markets tend to overshoot on the upside. And it's emotions that cause these markets to overshoot to the downside, too, following a crash, making the best emerging-markets bargains very good, indeed. So let's take a look at markets around the globe right now to find the very best one to invest in........
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