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EMB - Business Consulting and Connecting Service

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             Welcome to EMB - Entrepreneurship and Business Consulting Service



Tefeta - Entrepreneurship & Business Consulting  Service is Germany-based business consulting and connecting servic, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); particularly on East African Emerging Markets. We provide relevant business information and approaches your business needs to be successful, including new strategic perspective on process improvment and strategic thinking- through recommending and applying developed business strategies and approaches where ideas, resources and best practices are shared. 

 In addition, we work in collaboration with German Intuitions, chambers of commerce, consulting, training centers, and private sectors  to promote knowledge transfer and experiences so as to improve the productivity of SMEs in the region.

Our Service includes: 

  • Assisting German companies entering the East African market; either through developing export opportunities, via local partnerships or representative services,

  • Business development and strategy consultancy

  • Consulting on Entrepreneurial Strategic Management

  • ‚ÄčMarketing Strategy Consulting

  • Service and Quality Management Consulting 

  • Export - Import business Consulting 

  • Investment Consulting

  • Technology Management Consulting

  • And more.  

As a sale agent or a distbuitor I serve as a source of market intelligence, regularly feeding the exporter with the latest trends in demand, fashion, taste and price in the overseas market. Being a man on the spot, I'm in a position to render my advice to exporter on new methods and strategy for pushing up sales of your products. 

We also provide you (Exporter) support in the matter of transportation, reservation of accommodation, appointment with the government departments as and when required by you (companies).

We have deep knowledge of the East-African emerging and developing markets' business behavior, as well as breadth of geographical reach. Our professional objective is to encourage private investment towards the East African Emerging Markets. We use advanced business approaches and models that serve as a powerful catalyst to create attractive business opportunities for those willing to invest in the East African emerging markets.

Moreover; our consulting and promotion service is open to strategic collaboration with other business consultants and companies. It is only by combining our business approaches and strategies that comprehensive handling of the great market challenges can be achieved.

Dear clients! We know that value, trust, and peace of mind are treasured in business today. We will ensure that we will continue to deliver those in our relationship. And we coach you clearly and easily in a step-by step process that makes it easy for you to understand and apply it.


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Tibebu Tefeta (MBA)
Tibebu Tefeta - Business Consultant
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